There’s only one candidate for mayor who reaches across the aisle

| 14 Oct 2021 | 04:31

    To the Editor:

    Just a short note of utmost importance to all Milford Borough residents. My husband, Karl Wagner Jr., and I, Denny Wagner, have seen a lot in local politics. Karl was a former Pike County District Attorney and Pike County Commissioner for 17 years. I was a former Milford Borough councilwoman. So we know how important it is to elect good people.

    We are asking you to re- elect Sean Strub Mayor of Milford Borough. Sean has done an incredible job as mayor. He is committed, intelligent, caring, and works hard to make Milford a better place. We ask you to vote for him in the upcoming November election.

    Having said that, I believe Sean is only candidate running for mayor that reaches and will continue to reach across the aisle to listen to another’s point of view. And I don’t believe the other candidate running for mayor will. Regardless of what she says. This is an important election for the borough. Please cast your vote for Sean Strub on election day.

    Karl and Denny Wagner