Time to checkmate the red box

| 03 Mar 2021 | 01:23

    Editor’s note: The following letter is in response to last week’s letter “’The dreaded red box‘: How I tried, and failed, to get the vaccine.”

    To Mr. Robert D. Worth, don’t give up, because help is on the way.

    You can be put on a waiting list at the Franklin Walmart pharmacy, and I had my own series of frustrations between computer glitches, the Winter Weather, and a power failure! I am getting my first shot today and the second one in three weeks, and CVS Pharmacy is where I am going and am traveling to West Orange to get it.

    To those still struggling, it was recommended to use the regular Internet Explorer browser as the Google Chrome was chock full of glitches. Also, it was recommended not to include insurance information when registering, because the risk of being beaten to that appointment is paramount by not including the information and to bring the insurance card once the appointment is confirmed.

    The good news, Mr. Worth, is that you are not alone, as I have two friends whose mothers are also in their 80s and have experienced the same problems that you have. Regardless, it is time to “Checkmate Covid 19 Once and for all,” because the next move is yours!

    Chess Master David A. Cole

    Franklin, N.J.