To change the world, we need more women in positions of power

| 03 Jun 2015 | 01:36

To the Editor:
Many believe we're on the wrong path. In their heart of hearts (they wouldn't say so out loud), many believe we need a revolution in this country, in the world.

The revolution many envision is not just about jobs, or the economy, important as those things are. Ultimately, it's about human rights, with workers� rights at its core.

We know revolutions can be tricky. You say �"revolution," and right away some folks get trigger-happy. The problem with previous revolutions through history is that they've been incomplete: Replace men with only men, and you get what we've got, an endless loop.

True revolution requires evolution — gone the old saber-rattling, skirmishes, all-out war. True revolution would take place without a shot fired, would enact laws for the good of all. Only that. It begins and ends with the laws.

More and more qualified women in positions of influence would ensure change — change to align laws with actual human need. True revolution would be one where women have more say.

Some have faith that this revolution is already underway. Slow, but for certain. Dear God, faster, please!

Mother's Day and Memorial Day in the same month: It can get you thinking.

Chuck O'Neil