To keep taxes low and our community beautiful, vote Mincer

| 09 May 2023 | 10:48

    To the Editor:

    Let’s keep Dingman Township the great township it is – a well-managed, desirable community with high property values. How do we do that? By electing and keeping Thomas Mincer as our township supervisor.

    First, get out and vote! We have military service men and women who put their lives on the line for our Constitution and your right to vote.

    Second, if you are Republican, be sure to select Thomas Mincer as supervisor on your primary ballot. If you are a Democrat, please write-in Thomas Mincer as the candidate for township supervisor on your Democratic ballot.

    Why is this critical to the continued well-being of Dingman Township? Under Tom’s leadership for 25 years, 20 years as chair, we have never had to take a tax anticipation loan. We have enjoyed the lowest property tax rate of any municipality in the Delaware Valley school district. We do not have an EIT (Earned Income Tax) in Dingman Township. With the help of the county and Tom’s leadership, Dingman has two 24/7 ambulance services for all of Dingman Township ,which also covers other municipalities during mutual aid when in need. We are the only township with a full library branch. We support two fire departments – Dingman and Milford.

    Additionally, Thomas Mincer has helped secure over one million dollars in grant monies for our township that built and maintain our park area on Log Tavern Road, developed the Dingman Township Preserve and its trails off Route 6, and helps to build and maintain our roads. Our township remains fiscally sound while still maintaining our low tax rate.

    I vote to keep low taxes and our beautiful, highly sought after community to stay on the same path under the great stewardship of Chairman Thomas Mincer!

    Renée Hoover

    Dingman Township