Tonkin is reckless

| 15 May 2015 | 12:29

    To the Editor:
    Pennsylvania lawyers are bound by a Professional Code of Conduct which specifically prohibits a DA from saying anything that might lead potential jurors to prejudge a defendant. (Rule 3.6)

    DA Tonkin violated this code with a campaign mailer featuring a photo of Eric Frein. Within inches of the photo is the word “murderer.” The juxtaposition of Frein’s photo with “murderer” could prejudice the jury pool, half of whom received the flyer. Frein’s lawyers quickly requested change of venue. This is not the only time that Tonkin has employed such vile tactics, but it is by far the most shameless use of Frein as piranha bait.

    In his frenzy to be re-elected, Tonkin has violated the Code of Conduct, insulted State Troopers with claims of “back room” dealing, smeared his opponent, misled the public and endangered a major murder case.

    Carrie Thomas