Trump has broken the institutions and norms of our country

| 01 Feb 2021 | 03:14

    I find it incredible that we have reached the low point in this country that a person, Trump, has so broken the institutions and norms of our country that we have gotten to the place that insurrection assaults on our national capital with chants of assassinating members of congress and hanging the sitting Vice President Pence during the Constitutional process of finalizing the electoral votes has now become the new normal for America. And Republicans now seem fine with that and will not address the issue of this insurrection. Political power seems more important to Republicans than upholding our Constitution and long standing American values.

    The complaint is that some 74M voters will be disappointed if Trump doesn’t win the election. Boo-hoo. Does that justify overturning the 81M votes for Biden? Biden not only won the popular vote by over 7M votes but also won the electoral college by the same “landslide” margin that Trump beat Hillary.

    If the election was a sports game should we revolt because the winning team scored more points than the team we wanted to win and then just proclaim our losing team the winner regardless of the score?

    After exhausted recounts and over 60 failed court cases, failed court cases due to lack of real evidence, the votes from all states were certified. Biden won. That’s the way Democracy according to our Constitution in America works.

    If you want a government where the loser wins then go to a dictatorship or where bananas are the staple diet.

    Pieter W. Uptegrove