We value, support, and defend Pike County election workers

| 09 Feb 2022 | 04:28

    To the Editor:

    Recently, we have seen and heard much about attacks on U.S. national and state elections and on election officials who are responsible for them. We value, support, and defend Pike County election workers’ integrity and commitment, and we thank them for their dedicated service to our communities and our nation.

    Year after year, our local election workers spend long hours planning, training for, and running our elections. It’s their job to ensure that the election process complies with voting laws, that all those who are eligible and registered can vote, and that their votes are counted efficiently, completely, and accurately. Our public servants understand that their obligations have nothing to do with political party. No matter in which party, if any, they are registered, Pike County election officials follow the election law and procedures to support everyone’s right to vote.

    As we enter the 2022 election year, we thank them for their integrity and dedication. We will also strongly condemn any threats or violence against these public servants that might occur. We will do everything we can to protect them and the integrity of our elections.

    Ed Gragert

    Milford Township