Wear the masks, see the eyes, and humanize our world

| 29 Jul 2020 | 01:44

To the Editor:

Well we are experiencing a pandemic and social tension simultaneously. Our Pike County and 13 municipal level leaders are performing due diligence to sustain Pike.

Covid-related masks allow us to primarily see the eyes of all we encounter. The sage saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul” is much needed to be aware of now. The coronavirus ironically reminds of a crown virus. With Covid it makes me recall the Christ Crown of Thorns.

The pandemic is our test, regardless of religion or race, to be more humane like our god is. Speaking of race, the Khoisan Black African race is the oldest known race. The Covid offers us, throughout use of masks, the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes.

Our Black brothers and sisters are our origin. We as white, brown or yellow, need now to be thankful to Blacks who gave us the opportunity to migrate and evolve into different races.

Sadly, we are not looking into each other’s eyes or learning race history. The coronavirus must be used as a teaching lesson. We must bring humanity back into our lives and world.

Whether you are red or blue, or a different race, lgbtqai, gender or religion, let the eyes above the masks tell us to embrace the person. Pike will grow and survive.

Wear the masks, see the eyes, and humanize our world.

Kevin Holian

Dingman Township