What Republicans offer

| 19 Oct 2022 | 08:11

    To the editor:

    Here’s what Republicans offer. Nothing except: No minimum wage increase, breaking the unions, cutting welfare programs, food programs and Social Security, deregulate everything, refuse to ban assault weapons, repeal Obamacare (they failed over 70 times), cut disability benefits, deny science (climate change), banning books, cuts to higher education, ban abortion in all cases, close down Planned Parenthood, criminalize miscarriage, anti-contraception, give power to state governments to overturn elections they don’t like, suppress voting rights for minorities and on and on and on.

    Republicans have voted no on mostly all the bills Democrats have passed that are beneficial to the country as a whole, but that doesn’t stop many of them for taking credit for their passage. The audacity. They still falsely claim that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election and that Joe Biden is NOT the “duly elected” President of the United States.

    On top of all this craziness we have a former (twice impeached) President who has absconded with hundreds of classified documents (caught red handed by the FBI), instigated the attack on the Capitol to overturn the election results, is under indictment for tax fraud in New York, continues to spread lies about voter fraud and believes in Qanon conspiracy theories. Believe it or not his diehard followers continue to listen to and believe his hogwash. The Republican party is a non-starter on all levels.

    If you don’t want a dictatorship and lose both houses of congress then you MUST vote for Democrats on November 8th or you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Our rights and freedoms are at stake.

    John Hahn, Chair

    Pike County Democratic Committee of Shohola