Why did school send buses out on horrible roads?

| 19 Feb 2015 | 12:36

    To the Editor:
    It was absolutely disgusting that the the Delaware Valley Central School District, in its infinite wisdom, made the kids go to school on Monday, Jan. 26. Although the "blizzard" never happened, the preceding snow event did. The roads were in horrible condition, and got worse during the time the kids got on the bus until they eventually got back home. Not only did this put the kids' lives in harm's way, but also that of the faculty and staff. This district usually cancels for far less, and it leaves it up to the imagination as to why they elected to go for this.

    I listen to the buses on a scanner. We had buses having a hard time getting up roads, buses sliding 100 feet and missing stops, having to turn around to drop kids off — you get the picture.

    Obviously, somebody at the DVSD does not!

    Whomever makes these decisions needs to take a very hard look in the mirror and determine if risking the lives of others outweighs the attempt to uphold some kind of image.

    Ed Sorton Jr.