Lisa Emery wants a neighborly small town where everyone helps each other

| 15 Oct 2021 | 03:45

    To the Editor:

    After speaking with Lisa Emery, I am proud to endorse her election for mayor of Milford. I believe Lisa has the best interests of Milford Borough at heart.

    She is more than willing to work with the commercial enterprises and strive to help businesses maintain the ability to survive. After all, it’s the quaint small-town environment and businesses that attract the tourism that generates income for the borough. Lisa also stands behind our U.S. veterans and would like to see more participation in veteran events.

    When speaking to Lisa, you feel like she is your neighbor you have known all your life and she is very comfortable to speak to. Lisa would like to see the camaraderie between public officials and property owners improve. She seems to want that neighborly small-town environment, where everyone works together and helps each other.

    Billy Shi