MySpace is ‘neutral; our choices make it good or bad'

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:06

    To the editor: People who have accounts with MySpace need to use their heads, just like with any internet site. The predators lurk everywhere and this is just their newest tool. Take myself for example: I don’t have a huge friends list because I only add people I know or bands I like. I don’t have any overly personal information on my profile because that just gives predators of any type more power. Thanks to MySpace being such a pop icon, I have found school friends that have been hard to track down due to being military brats (us brats don’t stay in any place for long), have found some new music to explore (your article gave me another band to check out - Beyond the Wall), and support groups. All in all, people need to remember that you have choices in life. The site is a neutral party; it is our choices that cause it to be good or bad. K Wolf Bare Central Valley