No transmission lines

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:28

    To the editor: The Upper Delaware Preservation Coalition, Inc. (UDPC) strongly opposes the New York Regional Interconnect (NYRI) proposal to construct high-voltage power transmission lines along the Delaware River from Hancock to Port Jervis. This project directly violates an act of Congress: the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. The power lines are also in direct opposition to the River Management Plan. We oppose designation of a National Interest Electric Transmission Corridor by the Department of Energy anywhere along the Delaware River as such a designation will invalidate “home rule” and nullify local property rights. The negative visual impact of this project will cause irreparable damage to the river valley. Critical habitat for the American Bald Eagle will be severely impacted. The project will also have devastating economic repercussions in the region. Tourism, the most lucrative industry in our area, relies almost exclusively on the unspoiled beauty of the river corridor which will be totally compromised if towers line the Delaware. As tourism declines, jobs will disappear and people will move out of the area, causing property values to plummet. The real estate market will collapse. UDPC proposes that alternate routes that are not federally protected-for example, existing highway rights-of-way-are a more appropriate location for such a project. We oppose the construction of new power transmission lines without first exploring alternate routes and other energy solutions. The coalition urges local citizens, businesses, conservation groups and our elected representatives to take immediate action against the NYRI project. Join UDPC in its efforts to save the river valley. For membership information and timely updates on the issues regarding NYRI, visit Pat Carullo Lackawaxen