Offensive clarification

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:08

    To the editor, Re-clarification ... Upon reading your Viewpoints of July 7, I became appalled at your apology to the readers who thought the cartoon character wearing a fast food chain hat was mistaken for a military hat. You needed to apologize to them publicly? What does this mean exactly? It is okay to graduate high school and work for a fast food chain, but not to go into the military? Maybe I am mistaken at what it meant. But, if that is the meaning , tell it to all the 2,500-plus, broken families that lost their loved ones and to all the thousands that have been horribly wounded! They are there so we can have the freedom we all enjoy. Shame on you and for your readers who took offense. I am from a military family, Army, Navy and Marines. A family member (only 28 years old) with a six year old son is over there for his fourth tour of duty, fighting for our freedom. Again, I say, “Shame on you!!”. And “May God bless America.” Oops, have I offended someone by saying God? By the way, everyone who would like to support our troops is asked to wear red shirts every Friday. Thank you. Doris A Bouckenooghe Milford, Pa.