Offering a choice

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:28

    To the Editor: Because of the legislature’s pay raise fiasco I decided to run for State Representative in the 139th District. I’ve been campaigning door to door for the last two months. One woman told me that her mother is on Social Security receiving about a $1,000 a month. Her school property tax bill was $1,800 last year, and will be $1,400 this year due to a state program. Is it fair, is it just, that a woman who is retired should have to seek help to pay a tax bill on property that she owns? Is it right that people should have to move out of their homes because of taxes? There are better ways of paying for our children’s education. We need people in Harrisburg who will remember that government is supposed to serve the people. No one should become a servant to their government How many low-income people who own their own homes are actually forced to apply for government help because of the cost of their tax bills? It doesn’t make sense. Margaret M. Mitchener Newfoundland