Once and for all

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:43

    To the Editor: Since the media seems less than interested in providing the information to resolve the question raised concerning the membership of the ARB here in Milford we will supply the exact language of the ordinance. This should resolve the issue once and for all. “A Historic Architectural Review Board, hereby referred to as HARB (now ARB), is hereby established to be composed of at least five members appointed by the Milford Borough Council. The member of the HARB shall be as follows: One (1) member shall be a regi stered architect. One (1) member shall be a licensed real estate broker. One (1) member shall be a building inspector. One (1) member may be a planning commission member. One (1) member may be an attorney. And (2) members shall be persons with demonstrated interest, knowledge, ability, experience or expertise in restoration, historic rehabilitation, or neighborhood conservation or revitalization who have an interest in the preservation of the Historic District and are property owners who reside or carry on a business in the district.” (emphasis added) The ARB consists of seven members. All positions for which the word “shall” applies have been filled by appropriate appointment. Thus, the Board is not in “substantial” compliance as was inaccurately stated in one newspaper. It is in actual and complete compliance. Matthew M. Osterberg Milford Borough Council President