Power costs are higher

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:47

    To the editor: Since last December the customers of Pike County Light & Power Co./ Rockland Electric Company have experienced cost increases in their electric bills. The increases were and still are simply outrageous to say the least. Many of us filed formal protests and went to the public meeting at our Delaware Valley High School to protest these arbitrary increases. Recently, I have been reading in the news media about the 73% rate increase and how that is really bad. Please, please, please get this straight. The cost increase was not 73%! It was 128.9%! I filed documentation at the public meeting and again with a formal protest that demonstrated the 128.9% increase. A 55.9% discrepancy is not a small difference to be poo-fooed by any of our Public Utility representatives, or our PA State Representatives. Please, every chance you get, in private and public, stand-up and be counted. Voice your protest against this outrageous 128.9% increase in our cost of electricity. P. R. Rushton Milford