Pro-Second Amendment

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:57

    To the editor: A recent letter in your Viewpoints page (Oct. 20) implied that Chris Carney must be a Second Amendment supporter because Carney was, allegedly, a military firearms instructor. It is clear that the letter writer’s logic and conclusions are flawed. But he called Carney his “friend”. The Second Amendment is not about expertise with a firearm but whether one believes in the constitutional rights of the American people. As an NRA member/instructor for 47 years and a hunter that long, I know that the NRA has given Chris Carney an “F” rating. That rating is only given to candidates who have demonstrated opposition to gun owners rights and/or actively lead and sponsor anti-gun efforts. Don Sherwood, on the other hand, has an “A” NRA rating. Moreover, the next biggest Second Amendment organization, Gun Owners of America, has rated Don Sherwood as “A” while Chris Carney is rated as “NR”; that means he refused to respond to their questionaire evaluating candidates’ positions on the Second Amendment. Why? What does “friend” Chris Carney have to hide? Jim Furno Milford