Recognize veterans for their service

| 28 Sep 2011 | 02:58

    To the Editor: If you define heroes as people who have made significant sacrifices to benefit others, then you have been blessed by the heroic efforts of millions of servicemen and women who put their lives on the line so you can enjoy freedom. Whether they lost their lives in battle, returned to civilian life or are now taking the fight to terrorists, all Americans should pay tribute to military personnel who defended our nation so today we could be free of communism and tyrannical dictators, and have a strong defense against today’s enemies of democracy. Since the Revolutionary War and through our current efforts to defend freedom and liberty, Americans have been protected by well trained and dedicated soldiers, pilots and sailors. They watched over citizens’ backs and marched forward into danger. Veteran’s Day should not be seen as just a day off from work or school. Rather, it’s a federal holiday to maximize the number of people who participate in remembrances that honor those who placed their country’s future before their own safety. Depending on the era of their service, veterans received a varied reception when they returned from military duty. Remember that without their service, our nation and the world would be completely different, and for the worse. On November 11th support these brave patriots by attending a parade, visiting a veteran’s grave site, flying the American flag, praying for troops, sending packages to deployed personnel, supporting military families and thanking veterans for their service. They deserve our gratitude and have earned our respect. Robert C. Eiler, Vietnam War Veteran VFW State Commander