Shame on you

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:35

    To the editor: I was ashamed to open the paper and see yet another Splendora “masterpiece” in (a recent) Courier. Surely, there are more important, positive things that a community newspaper could be printing rather than the filth of a grudging former DV employee. It’s no wonder Mr. Splendora couldn’t keep his job as a math teacher if he considers standardized tests the most important indicator of a school’s success. Splendora did a splendid job of being utterly distasteful, disrespectful, and insensitive by quoting Mrs. Harris, a woman who dedicated her life to the ideals of a strong, unified community he’s destroying. If you want to effect change at Delaware Valley, Mr. Splendora, stop wasting your time filling the pages of our community newspapers with your garbage. If it’s that important to you, stop hiding behind your words and uncited sources and get out there and actually do something, instead of whining like a kindergartner about how Tom Finan is a big bully. Do I agree with every single thing our school district does? Absolutely not. But I recognize the good things that come out of Delaware Valley, and, as a student, I make an effort to enhance and increase the good things. I hope that Mr. Splendora and others in the community can rise above silly political games with the administration of Delaware Valley and come together to strengthen our community. In conclusion, “auf wiedersehen.” (Note the correct spelling, Tony; I learned it in my sixth grade foreign language class at DV.) Ryan Balton Milford