Shelter's finance problems linger on

| 29 Sep 2011 | 07:56

    Dear Editor: I received the enclosed letter from our Pike County Humane Society. As you can tell after reading the letter, the shelter is no better off now than they were after my original letter was printed. They took my advice and enclosed an envelope to contain contributions. Nothing will help unless we, as the Pike County populace, fill those envelopes with whatever we can afford. You can see that the accumulation of money is an ongoing problem. Perhaps as their letter indicates, governmental agencies should become involved in the shelter’s ongoing support. But I would go further than what I’ve outlined. Local and national businesses in our area might have certain monies that can endow the shelter. Professional people like doctors and lawyers might contribute beyond what the ordinary citizen is able to give. I’d like to thank veterinarians throughout the tri-state area who give substantial discounts and free treatments where an animal is brought in by the shelter. Money is the name of this game. After you’ve read the enclosed letter, I know you’ll reach the same conclusion I have. Mike Zweiter, Milford Editor’s note: An updated account of the shelter’s financial situation can be found at