Sunrise problems

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:25

    To the editor: The lady who wrote in a few weeks ago in regards to the Sunrise Lake issues is not entirely off-base. The litter issue is a huge problem in this community. It starts right here in the community. Parties take place around the lake where beer bottles and other party trash is left in large quantities. Since this community is not gated anyone who pleases enters. It isn’t their living space so what do they care about the trash they dump. Chairs, suitcases, tables are dumped in the lake. Some caring residents go to an extreme to pull the “stuff” out of the lake to keep it clean. Condoms are lined along the roads in the summer. Small children walking along the roads, want to know, “What is that mommy?” People drive on these roads 60 miles an hour. Cars have been spotted for months at a time, day after day, parked off the road sleeping in their cars. Upon calling the office to ask them to check it out, they don’t want to be bothered. Talk about safety! What if one of those individuals sleeping off their drunken stoopers for two months in Sunrise is a child molester? I have lived in rural and city also and have quite frankly never seen anything like this. This area has already grown by leaps and bounds. Wait until the day you may need to sell your property! Anyone doing a little research may not want to purchase in this area if everyone doesn’t start taking some personal responsibility and the owners taking some owner responsibility! Florence Arquitt Sunrise