Supporting Asure

| 29 Sep 2011 | 09:51

    To the editor: I have heard both candidates who are running for State Representative, Incumbent John Sipthroth and Donna Asure, speak before Taxpayers United. While Mr. Sipthroth is obviously a gentleman we, the taxpayers, were promised tax relief and as a School Board Director who sat on all but one Tax Commission meeting, this property tax relief bill called (Act 1), which Mr. Sipthroth voted for, did not deliver. If you are a senior citizen making thirty five thousand A year you can expect a tax rebate of approximately eighty-plus dollars. This can hardly be called property tax relief. All other taxpayers are being asked to consider allowing the school district to impose a one to three percent Income tax. Anyone who makes more than $45,000 will pay more in taxes than they are currently paying. This can hardly be considered tax relief. The only area we may see some benefit is in the gambling revenues, but even there the wealthy communities will not be receiving as much as the less affluent communities. This cannot be considered tax relief. Donna Asure, on the other hand, informed the members of Taxpayers United that her idea was to take one cent from our sales tax and designate it to property tax relief, which means those funds cannot be used for anything other than property tax relief. This is not a new idea. It has been employed successfully in the Carolinas and is also being considered in the State of New Jersey. This is the kind of thinking we need to bring to Harrisburg. This is true property tax relief and Donna Asure has the energy and determination to fight the fight to get this done. There is no one single issue that is more important to us in this election than tax relief. While Mr. Sipthroth is a kind and likable gentleman he didn’t deliver on tax relief, that’s why I strongly recommend, Independents, Democrats and Republican taxpayers vote for Donna Asure and have her bring her Ideas to Harrisburg for real property tax relief. Robert Goldsack Milford