Thank you

| 28 Sep 2011 | 03:07

    To the Editor: Pike County Arts & Crafts would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all community members who helped make our holiday drive for donations of much needed personal supplies for our troops overseas an unequivocal success! Your generosity, the depth of your concern, and your overwhelming response exemplifies the wonderful community spirit that is a mainstay here in Pike County. The many boxes we have sent overseas on your behalf has shown our sons and daughters serving their country that they are not forgotten during this holiday season and that our thoughts, prayers, and appreciation are with them though they be far from home. Although many people have participated and donated generously, a particular mention of our appreciation must go out to Charles & Sylvia Squires who brought the idea to our attention, sorted the donations, packed and shipped all the boxes overseas, to the wonderful and always giving artists at Pike County Arts & Crafts, to the magnanimous employees and management of Smith Barney, Allen & Sonia Gatzke and the local VFW for their expert guidance, and Liz Samuels, Milford Borough Secretary for graciously directing and coping with the extra activity at the Borough Hall. We are humbled by your dedication and are honored to call you all friend and colleague. Thank you! We at Pike County Arts & Crafts, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to extend our wishes for a peaceful, loving, and safe new year to our children serving their country, their families who patiently await their return, and to the Pike County community where we are priviledged to serve the interests of the Arts and a place we are proud to call home. Victoria Mayer Connolly Chairperson & Treasurer Milford