Thank you

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:52

    To the Editor: The Upper Delaware Preservation Coalition would like to thank everyone who donated to the legal defense fund. As a regional community, we can fight NYRI. As you may know, NYRI filed its application on Wednesday May 31st with the New York Public Service Commission for approval to move forward with its electric transmission project. UDPC’s lawyer Richard Lippes is evaluating the application. For more information from the New York Public Service Commission Website visit: As the weeks progress, it is important that all concerned take action to express their views. UDPC suggests that you: Call your legislators and express your feelings about NYRI. Ask them “What is their strategy?” Insist on specific answers. Keep your politicians accountable by asking them to provide public updates through meetings, media or their website on their specific actions and the results. You can find contact information for many legislators at: UDPC’s next action alert will contain information on becoming an intervener. This process will require that you prepare a statement on how the power line will affect you to be used in your letter to the New York Public Service Commission. If you know anyone who is concerned about NYRI’s project, convey this message to them. Thank you for your help. Marcia Nehemiah Secretary, UDPC Lackawaxen