Unhappy with Kelley

| 29 Sep 2011 | 08:23

    To the Editor: This letter is from a Milford Borough resident and taxpayer. The Architectural Review Board, through their chairperson Beth Kelley has painted an inaccurate picture of the Borough for the public. Ms. Kelley, because of her arrogant, ignorant, inappropriate and sophomoric attack on the management and representatives of the Hotel Fauchere should be publicly censured. Only an inept and misplaced leader would express themselves in public as she did. Her derogatory instead of constructive comments should have been made before the meeting or after the meeting (both off the record) but not during a public meeting and for the media. At no time did she refer to the incredible improvement to our Borough that this group of businessmen has brought about. No comment was made about the risk they are undertaking in a venture like this. The only presentation from her was negative and childish. As a representative of the Borough Ms. Kelley failed us dismally. If this is an appointed position then she should not be appointed, again. Peter R. Rushton Milford