Artful Bears Debut on Saturday

Milford. The Artful Bears, created by local artists for fundraising auction at the Black Bear Film Festival, will gather on the Milford Community House lawn with their artists on Saturday, August 13. The free event will include activities and refreshments.

| 10 Aug 2022 | 06:48

Artful Bears will convene on the lawn of Milford Community House to display their makeovers by local artists on Saturday, August 13. The event, free for the public, gives the community an opportunity to meet the artists that designed the Artful Bears this year. The Bears will make their debut with a celebration of movie music and trivia by Jane Quattrocchi, coloring activities for kids and free snow cones for all.

After the event, the Artful Bears will be on display throughout town, and a map will be available with their locations at the Community House and online at Prizes will be awarded to those that post their picture with the Artful Bears on social media this fall. The Artful Bears will be rounded up mid-October and sold at the Silent Auction during the Black Bear Film Festival, October 14, 15 and 16 at the Milford Theater.

Artful Bear Debut: 2-4 p.m. August 13, Milford Community House, 201 Broad Street, Milford PA