DVE-News/TV reporters explore life at Flagship Cinemas

Matamoras. DVE-News/TV reporters reported on a visit with Roxanne DeLellas, manager of Flagship Cinemas in Matamoras, PA and Monroe and Chester, NY.

| 10 Jan 2023 | 01:56

DVE-News/TV reporters recently met with Roxanne DeLellas, Area Manager of Flagship Cinemas in Matamoras, PA. She told the reporters that the theater corporation decides on ticket price based on other area theatres’ prices and the popularity of the movie. She does not pick which movies play at the theater.

DeLellas explained that the theater has multiple projectors, one for each theater. They are much like a small home projector, although these are much bigger and allow them to project on a bigger screen. The studio sends the movies to the theaters. Ms. DeLellas can ask for a movie suggestion (based on customer request), but ultimately, the booker makes the arrangements and gets them to Flagship. They use 5.1 Dolby surround sound speakers in their theaters. The studios give directions as to the volume for each movie.

She spoke of the difference between the theater with recliners and the one previously with regular seats. She showed visitors the larger screening room. It has 98 recliners in it. The same screening room, before Flagship, with regular seats, sat 224 people.

People can’t bring their own food because the company makes little from box office tickets. The bulk of revenue Flagship brings in comes from concessions sales. The concession sales pay for movies, recliners, theater décor, sound system and concession equipment. Popcorn is the top selling item at the snack stand. If the power happens to go out, the staff gives the customers sorry cards and has them exit the building. They cannot issue refunds because the power is out, and they need to evacuate the building quickly.

As manager, DeLellas watches all movies free as does her staff. The employees do not get discounts; however, they do get free popcorn, drinks and free movies.You must be 16 years of age to work at Flagship. Her favorite part of her job is working with and being with her staff.

Surprisingly, the movie advertisement posters and props are not returned. The employees can take them after the cinema is done using them while the movie is in the theater. Sometimes Flagship donates the posters as well.

DeLellas can only prescreen movies for testing purposes, audio and video quality. She needs studio approval to be able to prescreen movies. Certain movies are not possible to prescreen, such as Marvel and Star Wars movies.

The best-selling movie for Flagship were the Star Wars and End Game movies. The busiest day for Flagship is Saturday; people come during the day, afternoon, and night.

DeLellas said she loves her career and meeting new people and patrons. At the Matamoras cinema, she has about 20 people who work for her. Now she is also the area manager, so she oversees the Monroe, NY facility and the Chester, NY theater too. She has approximately 50 people reporting to her. She has been in cinema management for 10 years. When a reporter asked her which movie she would prefer to see, M3gan or Avatar, she chose M3gan because she loves the horror genre.

DeLellas became assistant manager when a friend needed help at the theater and she applied. She wasn’t looking to do this work but ended up enjoying it. The hardest part of being a manager is when something breaks or the power goes out, she said.

If she had a different job or business opportunity presented to her, she would remain with Flagship, DeLellas said and noted that Flagship Cinema is community oriented and willing to help. She encourages neighbors to reach out to her with ideas on how to help the community.

Story contributed by DVE-News/TV Reporters: Emily Giblin, Joanna Cabrera-Agostini, Anna Gallagher, Ming Zhe Zhang,