‘This store is a big deal’: Crowds converge on new Westfall ShopRite

Westfall. People eager to explore the 70,000-square-foot store on grand opening day, a celebration with music and speeches.

| 10 Nov 2021 | 12:38

Westfall. The parking lot was packed at the Westfall ShopRite on grand opening day, Nov. 7, with shoppers eager to start exploring new 73,000-square-foot store.

People walked in and stopped in their tracks. They said things like, “This is nice.”

There were music and speeches. All of the speakers commended the quality of the store and recommended the sushi bar.

“This store is a big deal,” said Mike Sullivan, executive director of the Pike County Development Authority. “ShopRite is very likely to add vigor and secondary purchases for the Westfall Town Center stores.”

ShopRite is estimated to generate 3,000 trips per day to the Westfall Town Center. A new 30,000-square-foot TJ Maxx will share the old K-Mart site.