German Consul General’s discovery tour stops in Milford

Milford. David Gill’s mission is to “explain” Germany to Americans and to learn more about what makes us tick.

| 01 Oct 2021 | 01:00

What with Angela Merkel bowing out after 16 years as chancellor and a highly consequential election unfolding back home, why was German Consul General David Gill in the little town of Milford, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday?

For one thing, Gill said he’s sure that democracy in Germany isn’t in danger (with or without him being in-country).

He’s on a discovery tour to strengthen U.S./German connections, and wisely put lunch at the Hotel Fauchère on his itinerary.

Gill decided to do a sweep of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania since they are so close together, and visit the places where the three states touch borders. His area also includes Bermuda and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

His mission is to “explain” Germany to Americans and to understand the United States.

“We want to know and see how others live and to understand their culture,” he said.

Gill wants to know what Americans think of Germany, and to share those insights with his colleagues back home. He said he also wants to look at our shared history.

About 30 people came to hear what Gill had to say. They all showed proof of vaccination and photo IDs as the price of entry.

They tucked into hummus, a charcuterie board, salad with roasted fall vegetables, airline chicken, steak sandwiches, and the house pasta, polished off with coffee and cookies.

Many Milford machers attended, including realtor Davis Chant; Milford Borough Councilman Joe Dooley; Amy Litzenberger, founder and treasurer of Kindred Spirits Arts; Pike County Commissioners Steve Guccini, Ronald R. Schmalzle, and Matthew M. Osterberg; Milford Mayor Sean Strub; Mike Sullivan, executive director of Pike County Economic Development Authority; Milford Borough President Frank Tarquinio; Fred and Susan Weber; and Scott Smith. Bernhard Lennartz, who was born in Germany, worked at the United Nations, and now lives in Milford, also attended.

Gill said the United States and Germany share the same values and freedoms. He said after the darkest chapter of his country’s history, Germans learned how to live in a democracy and treat others with dignity.

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“We want to know and see how others live and to understand their culture,” he said.