Milford celebrates all things Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Milford. The inaugural parade saw thousands of attendees line Milford streets.

| 19 Mar 2024 | 09:40

Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and about 2,000 people showed up at Milford’s first annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The parade started at Ann Street Park, marched down Fifth, then took a left onto West Harford, and a left on Broad. It continued down Broad, and then made a right on East High to the final destination at St. Patrick’s church. The interior streets and many alleys were closed off to traffic.

People were walking everywhere, but the main action took place on Broad Street where Milford Mayor Sean Strub happily greeted everyone as they passed by on their way to St. Patrick’s church. “It’s a wonderful way to build community,” Strub said.

There were about 42 units of marching groups: two marching bands (The Black Diamond Pipe Band and Penn York Highlanders band), the Hiawatha Horse and Carriage from the Columns Museum, 10 different police departments from the area, a dozen different fire companies, Department of Conservation and Natural Recourses, The American Legion Riders, and many other groups.

Local dignitaries came to march, including Senator Matt Cartwright, State Senator Lisa Baker, the three Pike County commissioners (Matt Osterberg, Ron Schmalzle, and Christa Caceres), and candidates Robin Skibber (D) and Jeff Olsommer (R) running to replace Joe Adams in PA’s 139 District.

There were no incidents, and everything ran smoothly. The mood was festive, and people were kind to each other. People in trucks and floats tossed candy and green beads to the children standing at the side of the road.

Milford resident Richard Morais remarked, “I think an instant institution was created today. The Milford St. Paddy’s Day Parade looks like it’s already been around for years. Joe Dooley and Jenny Gagnon have done an incredible job.”

It all started with a question. In 2023, Jenny Gagnon, a real estate agent at Chant Realtors, asked Joe Dooley, “Why don’t we have a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Milford?” And “begorra,” Joe was in. The first thing they did was to get sponsors. Bill Rosado’s Milford Hospitality Group (MHG) and Davis R. Chant Realtors became Emerald sponsors. And the year-long planning started in earnest. Gagnon and Dooley invited Ken and Pat Corcoran, who have given so much to the community, to be the grand marshals of the parade.

“Milford Borough Council President Joe Dooley exclaimed, “We were overjoyed with the attendance at the parade. It was the largest turnout at a parade in Milford in decades.”

Gagnon echoed that. “Milford showed up, the county showed up,” Gagnon said, hardly believing the success. “We learned a lot and next year will even bigger and better.”

At the end of the parade, many folks headed over to Log Tavern Brewing Company to continue the celebrations.