‘This great country’

| 11 Nov 2021 | 10:16

‘Milford. In a moment of reflection, Bill Rosado — who has heavily invested in Milford with the purchase of such iconic properties as The Milford Theater, Forest Hall, the Laurel Villa, Tom Quick Inn, Hotel Fauchère, 403 Broad, and Jive Bar & Lounge, and who supported Lisa Emery in the mayoral race — shared his thoughts about the connection between Veterans Day and Election Day:

“I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all the people who came out to vote. The voters have selected their candidate, but in my humble opinion, the greatest winners are the men and women of this country who are giving the ultimate sacrifice (so that we can have) elections and voting.

“As a legal immigrant to this country, these kinds of moments enhance my love and respect for this great country.”