A great night at the Dingmans Ferry Theatre

| 01 Sep 2021 | 04:09

    To the Editor:

    What a great night under the stars, with a show presented by Dingmans Ferry Theatre. The new theater, created and run by Dennis Lee of Dingmans Ferry, put on an evening of music and song, in a tranquil field next to the new theater building, in beautiful Akenac Park.

    Dingmans Ferry Theatre is a new venue where local artists and audiences can come together, be creative and present work that enhances the quality of life for Pike County residents. This show certainly did that. There was so much enthusiasm from the crowd who came from all over Pike County, with everyone feeling welcomed and entertained.

    Thank you to all involved. It was a wonderful night.

    Eleanore Speert

    Dingmans Ferry