I’d rather vote for proven leadership than naively hope a fairy godmother could usher in a ‘new era’

| 14 Oct 2021 | 04:37

    To the Editor:

    Approaching the second year anniversary of COVID raging, it’s understandable why we all ache for a new era. This new beginning has already arrived on Milford’s commercial front, with many of our iconic buildings and businesses now consolidated under the sole ownership of Bill Rosado. Let us see how that unfolds.

    Now the mayoral race is allowing a second opportunity to usher in this “new era.” I for one will be resisting this second “easy fix.” Lisa Emery is undoubtedly sincere and energetic with ideas, but as a veteran Forbes and Barron’s journalist, I hear a disconnect in her pitch. The eye-brow raising associations she keeps cannot be swept away with doorstop pleas not to judge her by such company; besides, they’re really very nice people if you just get to know them.

    Sorry, but the associations you keep reflect the person you are. I’m voting for keeping Mayor Sean Strub, who has worked tirelessly and competently since taking office and has steered us through some rough waters. The difficulty with incumbents is you see their flaws as much as their strengths, and the mayor certainly has plenty of both. But I’d rather vote for competent and proven leadership than naively hope a fairy godmother could usher in a “new era” for us.

    We’ve all been down that childish route before — and it never delivers what we fantasized.

    Richard C. Morais