Life Matters

| 03 Jun 2020 | 01:11

    I stopped at the Black Lives Matter rally in Downtown Milford and observed some outstanding police work by the Chief of Police that may have saved Milford from a potential tragedy. This is my subjective observation, as I have no way of knowing the actual intent of the gun toter, only the facade he presented to others. I wrote about this as follows:

    The man with a steel barreled rifle

    marches through a crowd of protesters,

    looking for an argument, a provocation.

    The crowd is angry but peaceful,

    chanting slogans and waving signs.

    He is more than angry, less than peaceful.

    Everywhere he looks, his eyes spray bullets.

    The crowd chants, Every life matters.

    He challenges, Except yours.

    Cross me once and I open fire.

    Never before have I seen a man aspire

    to be anointed a mass murderer.

    -David Richard