Look at Michael Peifer’s record

| 21 Oct 2020 | 01:05

    To the Editor:

    We need to decide if we’re voting for Marian Keegan, a first-time candidate, or Michael Peifer, in office since 2007, for PA House of Representatives for 139th district. So we’ll look at Michael Peifer”s record.

    In 2013 he voted for HR 1060, increasing the gasoline tax in order to fix our highways and bridges. In the 139th district he is the “pothole king.” Take a ride on our back roads, especially in Wayne County. The roads have not been fixed in this area for years. Recently Gov. Wolf stepped in to address the situation. Before this, did Peifer fight for us to have decent roads? No.

    Peifer signed HB 1822, which froze funding for farming and Conservation Districts in the 139th. Why would he do that? Peifer joined a group supporting the impeachment of Gov. Wolf for instituting safety regulations to control the spread of COVID-19. Peifer didn’t wear a mask at that demonstration. There was no social distancing. What is with him?

    Peifer also voted for the bill which allowed wastes from fracking operations to be used on our roads, especially our gravel roads in the 139th. He voted to increase the limits on dumping fracking wastes in our rivers and streams. Thank God concerned citizens stepped in to change this policy. Peifer has a failing score, 0% (zero percent), on the Pennsylvania environmental scorecard. For those of us that enjoy fishing and/or hunting, we want clean streams and rivers and healthy forest.

    A vote for Peifer is not a vote for the people. I’m voting for Marian Keegan for PA 139th district.

    Sally Schwartz

    Lords Valley