Thanks to the Pike commissioners for breaking vaccine logjam

| 14 Apr 2021 | 01:54

To the Editor:

In this day of political infighting and division, it is easy to forget that most elected officials got involved in government to give back to their communities and help their fellow citizens. It’s also too easy to overlook the positive things our representatives accomplish.

So here is a shout out to Matt Osterberg, Ron Schmalzle, and Steve Guccini, our Pike County Commissioners who used their political clout to let the Pennsylvania Health Department know that not enough vaccines were making their way to Pike County and not enough places were established to administer them. Working with Wayne Memorial Hospital, they were able to break the logjam and make a difference.

Thanks to them, our family and many citizens of Pike County are on their way to being fully vaccinated. A “normal life” again seems possible. Thank you, and a hearty “well done!”

Dale and Yana Thatcher