The people must decide the election, not Trump’s authoritarian voting rules

| 21 Sep 2020 | 06:16

    To the Editor:

    I am writing in response to David Togno and Jochem Kresse. First, Mr. Kresse, I would like to thank you for your service to our country. It is greatly appreciated.

    Regarding the “socialist” issue that each of you reference, the one that needs to “be educated” is Sean Hannity. Being a college dropout, Mr. Hannity doesn’t have any expertise on the subject. This ridiculous argument from Trump cyborgs is a worn-out cliché at this point, having been used as far back as the Hoover Administration in the early 1930s when Republicans claimed that Democrats were communists and that they too were involved in the “deep state” like today’s “socialist” Democrats are. Hoover, Nixon, McCarthy, Goldwater and Reagan used the argument, and Republicans drank the Kool-Aid then and continue to do so today.

    Regarding economics, there is no such thing as perfect capitalism nor is there perfect communism. All wealthy countries engage in government redistribution of wealth to some extent. This is what today’s Republicans refer to as “socialism.” The Trump administration for example just passed a three trillion dollar stimulus package to stimulate the economy. This was three times Obama’s “socialist” package to stimulate the economy in 2009. However, I have yet to hear any Trump zombies refer to Trump as a socialist despite the enormity of the cost.

    Regarding the “deep state” nonsense that has been used for decades by Republicans pertaining to communists and socialists alike, I ask these questions: Is it not Mr. Trump that was impeached and acquitted with a trial that did not involve witnesses? Is it not Mr. Trump that has admittedly said we should slow testing down while “coincidentally” the CDC just recommended there is not a need to test people exposed to asymptomatic coronavirus patients despite warnings from medical experts? Is it not Mr. Trump that has appointed a Post-Master General with business interests against solvency of the USPS to cause disruptions to mail-in ballots? Is it not Mr. Trump that appointed John Ratcliffe to Director of National Intelligence, who now is not allowing dialogue of Russian interference in the 2020 election?

    ”Deep state” certainly exists, and it is the Republican party that wants an authoritarian regime like dictators of the past and are willing to cheat to defy the will of the people to accomplish this goal. Mr. Togno, the only correct statement in your viewpoint is the need to get this election right. However, this will be done by getting Trump out of office.

    MIT studied voter fraud and concluded it to be minimal despite the lies of Fox News. Trump zombies would reply this fact to “be fake” because that is the extent of their argument refuting truth that is inconvenient to their “deep state” agenda. Unfortunately, for their voter fraud argument, MIT is not media and its studies are not “fake.”

    It is imperative that the people decide the election, not Trump’s authoritarian voting rules. Your arguments about the economy are asinine. As I stated last month, job growth has decreased during Trump’s years in office and his apocalyptic failure to lead during the coronavirus has given us double digit unemployment. Nations with competent leaders have maintained strong employment numbers through successful policy aimed at keeping businesses solvent. I am sure that you are unaware of such policies because Fox News is unaware or unwilling to accurately tell the state of the economy at this point. Unfortunately, the virus is now “The American Virus” because with a world population of 4% we own 25% of its cases. Calling it “The Chinese Virus” does not change the fact that Trump failed during this crisis.

    I am glad you acknowledge the need to wear a mask to vote because our president still doesn’t see the need. At least you see his disregard for American lives by his refusal to wear a mask to stop the spread of the virus, and for that I am grateful.

    Alfred Streicher