Commissioners honor Jim Pedranti for his tireless community work through Greater Pike

Milford. Their resolution cited his leadership role in establishing the foundation, his legacy of philanthropy, and his “countless” volunteer hours.

| 10 Dec 2021 | 08:56

The Pike County Commissioners on Dec. 1 honored Jim Pedranti for his years of service to Pike County as chair of the Greater Pike Community Foundation.

According to the commissioners, Pedranti spearheaded the development of the Greater Pike Community Foundation’s bylaws and operating procedures and assembly of the organization’s first Board of Directors, which was announced in May 2013.

Since then, the foundation has distributed more than $1 million in grants to local not-for-profits, and under Pedranti’s leadership, the foundation’s endowment has grown to over $4 million and includes more than two dozen funds that support local not-for-profits, students and educational institutions.

One of those funds is the EMS Initiative Fund, which has helped the county train EMTs to address a shortage.

Commissioners Chair Matt Osterberg said the county may not have been able to do that without help from the Greater Pike Community Foundation.

“That has proven now to really to answer the causes we have with our EMS services,” Osterberg said. “It’s real hard work that created this that helped create what we’ve done. I know there’s countless other organizations you’ve helped and other funds that have been created.”

‘It’s still going to grow’

Pedranti moved to Pike County in 1970, both of his children were born in the county and went through the Delaware County school system, and he said both have been successful careers and lives.

He also said while he made a decent income, his most gratifying job was his volunteer position as chair of the foundation.

“Even though it was one of the lowest paying jobs, it was the most gratifying,” he said.

Despite that he founded Greater Pike, Pedranti said there are 15 to 20 other individuals that put the work in to make the organization what it is today.

“It’s still in its infancy stages,” Pedranti said. “It’s still going to grow, and the nice thing is the foundation will continue to give to the community after all of us are gone.”

He was humbled by the honor from the commissioners and said it was a recognition that very few people receive.

“The world is a better place; the county is a better place, and the community of Milford is a better place because of people like you,” Commissioner Ronald Schmalzle said. “And we need more of you.”

“The world is a better place; the county is a better place, and the community of Milford is a better place because of people like you. And we need more of you.” Commissioner Ronald Schmalzle